2009-2012our magazine introduced the readers to different aspects, problems and achievements in Earth observation data application (Earth remote sensing) in Russia and other countries. We familiarized you with the practical application of space information in certain Russian basic economic industries, such as forestry and agriculture, agro-insurance and oil & gas industry, transportation and construction, natural and human-induced disasters and catastrophes monitoring, education, cartography and navigation, nature protection and environment.


You are most welcome to take a look at the Earth remote sensing technologies application in different spheres of activities and in different regions of Russia.


Alexei Abrosimov

Issue Thematic Editor




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From the editor. By A. Abrosimov

Experience of Using Space Technologies in Regions. By A. Abrosimov

Improvement of Regional Management Efficiency on the Basis of RS Data Usage.T. Gribtsova

Interim results of Implementation of the State Contract on building State Real Estate Cadaster Base Map. By M. Zimin

Satellite Monitoring of the Diamon Field in the Archangelsk Region. By E.V. Poljakova, M.J. Gofarov

Application of ERS Data Processing Results in the Kirov Region. By N. Vtyurina

Space Monitoring of the Perm Region. By S. Piankov, A. Ponomarchuk, A. Shikhov

Satellite-Based Monitoring of Protected Natural Areas of the Samara Region. By V.V. Sergeev, A.V. Chernov, O.A. Belova

The “Water Routes of Russia” Geoportal. By A.P. Kutznetsov, I.I. Kasimov

Tectonic and Hydrographic Mysteries of the Dauria Protected Area. A Glimpse from Orbit. By A.A. Lukashov

2012 Satellite Launches Results: Advances of China and Resurrection of France. By А.A. Kucheiko