The key topics of the issue are Russian and international ecological projects and initiatives, legal expertise and changes in legislation in the field of remote sensing data,


– In the new issues of the «Earth from Space» magazine we publish articles, which set out a comprehensive and deep topic, but also simple materials intelligible for non-specialists that introduce the topic and describing its ubiquitous presence in the information environment surrounding us today.


Vladimir Gershenzon,



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From the editor. V. Gershenzon

Modern satellite imagery. M. Zimin

Environmental projects accomplishment experience. A. Cheremisova

Open landscape Partnership Platform. А. Kushlin, D. Aksenov

“Space Watch” program. A. Loshkareva , M. Sementsova

Life of rivers: from freeze-up to flood. N. Yevtushenko

New Capabilities to Monitor APG Flaring. A. Knizhnikov, A. Cheremisova

Knowledge-Intensive Business in Context of the Law #94-FZ and in Transition to Contractual System. E. Girdo

ERS data in legal inquiries. M. Zimin , E. Girdo

UNIGEO Consortium: networking of universities to meet the challenges of education, science and business integration.M. Raskladkina

Astrium Services’ Foundation Layers. J. Shears

Very-High Performance Pleiades and SPOT Satellites. O. Mulyukova

Kosmosnimki.Pro. G. Potapov

Projects, technologies, new ways to use satellite imagery — only verified information from the developers.

Space Imagery Technologies in Russia: From Revolution to Evolution.

Cosmic kaleidoscope.

«Earth from Space — the Most Effective Solutions» conference. Photo Story.

World events and trends in the remote sensing industry.

Space and Public Policy.

Kharaulakh ridge.

Olympic Sochi.

Construction of Olympic facilities in the marine terrace.