"Earth from Space" is a popular scientific magazine introducing the reader to a broad range of issues related to acquisition, preliminary and in-depth thematic processing, analysis and application of Earth remote sensing data. The magazine covers the latest developments and projects implemented using remote sensing data based on modern GIS and Web-based technology, current issues and trends in the field of space imagery.



Special issue, 2015 г.

no19 cover

№3 (19), 2015 г.

no18 cover

№2 (18), 2014

WEB, Geoportals

Demetra, GeoMixer

Space reform


№1 (17), 2013

Ecological projects

Legal expertise

Changes in legislation

№16, Winter 2013

Remote Sensing Technologies Application Practices in the Regions

№15, Fall 2012

Humanitarian aspect of space images application

№14, Summer 2012

On Landand at Sea.

Satellite-Based Monitoring Technologies  Practical Application

№13, Spring 2012

RS Indusrty:
Development Strategies

№12, Winter 2012

Space Imagery Realities and Prospects

№11, Fall 2011

ERS Market. Open Data

№10, Summer 2011

Space technologies
for the Arctic Region:
studying, mastering
and conservation

№9, Spring 2011

ERS in Agriculture 
and Agro-Insurance

№8, Winter 2011

ERS in Oil and Gas Industry

№7, Fall 2010

Satellite-based monitoring.
Operational services

№6, Summer 2010

Mapping, Navigation 
and Information Systems

№5, Spring 2010

Space and Education

№4, Winter 2010

Space Imagery
and Emergency

№3, Fall 2009

Nature Protection 
and Web-Technologies

№2, Summer 2009

Cover story “Transportation and Construction”


№1, Spring 2009

Forestry and Forest