cover14engWe become the evidence of prostration crosses destruction, forcible takeovers, property redistribution and disrespect to the culture and social customs of other peoples. All this happens in parallel with mixing modern western and boyar-feudal approaches to solutions of disputes and conflicts.


Not everyone is happy with our unresting striving of all-round introduction of space imagery technology, making the world more transparent and enabling the majority to see what is happening unveiled. The space, within which manipulation of public opinion, concealing of rudimental business schemes and processes takes place, becomes confined, uncomfortable and dangerous.

The process of integration of space images, cartographic materials and cadastre data threatens to irreversibly change the territory of one-sixth part of land, on which the unprecedented  in modern history experiment on destruction of rights and limits within the life period of several generations took place. "Will we be able to learn to live in a different way?" - remains by no means a rhetoric question.

Vladimir Gershenzon,

Editor-in -Chief

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Space Monitoring of Droughts in Kazakhstan: Multi-Year Remote Sensing Data Analysis.ByL. Spivak, I. Vitkovskaya, M. Batyrbaeva, N. Muratova, A. Kauazov

The article dwells upon the system of droughts monitoring from space, developed in Kazakhstan, describing monitoring results display formats,  analyzing time-space specifics of droughts propagation on the territory of Kazakhstan over the past 12 years.


Earth Remote Sensing Data Application for High Precision Farming.ByS. Mikhailov

Nowadays high precision technology become increasingly in demand in agricultural production. In particular, the high precision farming is one of the cutting-edge technologies, providing individual portions of fertilizers and weed killers and different seeding volumes to each separate field slot, as well as strict abidance by agro-technical methods when doing soil preparation.


Anomaly Strong Bora Events in Black Sea. View from Space.ByA. Ivanov, A. Antonyuk

Synoptic situations, occurring over the Black Sea in winter, often result in a sharp worsening of weather conditions over the major part of Krasnodar Territory and the Russian Black Sea littoral area. In early 2012 the most dramatic weather conditions developed in Novorossiysk and its suburbs on January 25-29 and February 6-9 during the anomaly strong boras. Near real-time space monitoring, arranged by ScanEx RDC, enabled to monitor the situation propagation in North-Eastern part of the Black Sea based on remote sensing data.


Water Blooming in the Black Sea in 2012.ByO. Yasakova, V. Berdnikov

  1. information satellite-based technologies have been long used in the world to detect and diagnose  sea water blooming, caused by development of potentially toxic kinds of sea algae, in time. Mass propagation of nanoplankton type of coccolithophora Emiliania huxleyi (Lohmann) W.W.Hay & H.P.Mohler became the reason of water blooming in the Black Sea staring in late July 2012.


Satellite Monitoring of Fast Ice, Spring Ice Drift and Flood on the Severnaya Dvina Basin Rivers in 2012.ByYe. Skripnik

In autumn-spring period of 2011-2012 satellite images, operationally provided by ScanEx RDC, were used for monitoring and control of fast ice and spring flood progress on the rivers of the Severnaya Dvina basin. As compared to the previous years the 2012 flood hit highest water levels and unfavorable water marks on the most part of the Arkhangelsk Region territory.


Satellite Imagery of the Territories as the Integral Element of Building Modern Situational Awareness Centers.ByM. Bobrinskaya, D. Fedotkin

Earth observation from space has long proved itself to be the indispensible source of most unbiased information for a wide range of solutions and well-ground and timely decision-making. Building of modern situational awareness centers of monitoring territories or infrastructure of geographically distributed sites is impossible without the application of geo-information technologies, in which satellite images are used as up-to-date base maps and the near real-time data source.


Services Based on GeoPDF: When Geodata Become Available to Users.ByO. Ryaboshapko

Geoinformation application has been experiencing fast expansion. This article is dedicated to successful projects of geodata distribution in the easy-to-use PDF format, enabling common users to handle geodata without special skills of working with GIS or special software.


MSU Geoportal: History, Results, Development Outlook.ByM. Zimin, O. Tutubalina

MSU geoportal is the geoinformation complex, including hardware and software, and replenishable databases base on space images and maps. The project is being implemented in 2010-2012. In July 2012 over 600 low cloud FORMOSAT-2 images, 90 RADARSAT-1 and over 1500 SPOT 4 images were received and posted to the on-line archive of the MSU geoportal per users' request. In addition, access to a wider archive containing images and maps of all Russia has been provided.


Specifics of Drawing and Filling Out Topographic Maps for Web-Mapping Service.ByM. Voronina, S. Zaichenko, Ye. Zykova, A. Isakov

Many geoportals start to use lately topographic maps prepared based on light and shade relief effects as base maps. Such kind of a topographic map was prepared by the group of ScanEx specialists for geoportal.


Bogtrot Skills: Second Type of Space Mastering Stragety.ByI. Moiseev

This article reviews general aspects of the space industry development strategy in Russia, related to selection of goals, tasks, and definition of space projects implementation stages. A range of common principles and approaches is suggested, which can be used to get more or less unified idea about the criteria of selecting strategic "bearings" in space.


Manned Space Flights in the USA: the Past, the Present and the Future

Edward Crawley, President of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology,  the co-chair of NASA Exploration Technology Development Program Review Committee spoke about the US program of human space flights, developed for the US President Barak Obama administration by the expert group under the leadership of Norman Augustine.


Space Cluster of the "Skolkovo" Foundation: International Cooperation and Space Industry Development in Russia

Alain Fournier-Sicre, Area Manager of the International Cooperation of Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation, told about prospects of space industry development in Russia, international experience, new trends and ENVISAT satellite mission results.


"Vitamin" satellites. Time is the primary innovation..."

From thematic department within the structure of a science-intensive company to an standalone legal entity and residency in the Cluster of space technologies and telecommunications of the "Skolkovo" foundation - such is the path taken by the "Sputnix" company team.


"CanSat" project in Russia. An outward glance.By A. Alexeeva, N. Gracheva, D. Krizhanovaskaya, T. Birykova

The first Russian CanSat championship took place in Kaluga on May 1-6, 2012 at the Grabtsevo airport within the framework of innovation educational project "CanSat in Russia". School children from all Russia took part in the competition on development and manufacturing of educational satellites, which equipment can fit into a simple tin can.


China and Other Countries: First 2012 Half-Year Period Satellites Launch Results.ByA. Kucheiko

Results of the first half-year period of 2012 are quite interesting: at the same general high launch pace (11 RS satellites) China (5 satellites) has overpassed six other countries, which put into orbit only by one satellite each. Majority of newly launched satellite are for imagery intelligence and defense purposes. The article gives the summary of Earth observation satellites launches  planned for the second half of 2012. After multiyear protraction one may finally expect an increase in the number of national RS satellites' fleet.